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 SEPTEMBER 22-23, 2017




Sept '2017
Warsaw, Poland

Welcome to FRONTEND-CON 2017, one of the largest conferences dedicated to the front-end community in this part of Europe.

1.000 participants including over 30 world renowned speakers in the field of front-end development will meet at the heart of Warsaw, Poland for two days to:

  • share ideas,
  • strengthen coding skills,
  • make new friends
  • and, most importantly, spend great time together!

FRONTEND-CON 2017 will take place at the EXPO XXI, a state-of-the-art exhibition and conference venue. All presentations, workshops & discussion panels will be held in English.

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800 PLN + VAT
  • Modern JavaScript
  • More infoYour ticket includes: - 1 day workshop- Materials- Full day coffee break- Lunch - Support after the workshop- Certificate
  • Available now
800 PLN + VAT
  • Angular Kickstart
  • More infoYour ticket includes: - 1 day workshop- Materials- Full day coffee break- Lunch - Support after the workshop- Certificate
  • Available now
865 PLN + VAT
  • Ask us about group discount
  • More infoYour ticket includes: - 2 days of conference - all-inclusive catering (breakfast, lunch, snacks, coffee, drinks)- HEROES amazing afterparty (22.09)- access to all activities during the event (Q&A Expert Panels, ruffles and much more) - Goodie Bag with gadgets and unique conference T-Shirt
  • Available now


21.09.2017 Tickets are sold separately

Modern Javascript by Asim Hussain

If you are like me you learnt JavaScript randomly and without a plan, seeing what worked and learning a thing or two everyday.

However without a grasp of the deeper fundamentals you will hit quite a few confusing issues, introduce bugs, find it hard to read and understand other peoples code and won’t be considered a “Senior Developer”.

Angular Kickstart by Shmuela Jacobs

In this hands-on workshop you will learn how to get started with the most popular, cutting edge platform for (not only) web development.

It will give you the jumpstart you need to start developing with Angular: the basics, the syntax, the state of mind. We’ll emphasize best practices and offer useful resources.



Lea Verou

HCI Researcher at MIT CSAIL, Invited Expert at W3C CSS WG

Lea Verou

Lea is currently busy researching how to make web programming easier at MIT CSAIL. She is the author of bestselling advanced CSS book CSS Secrets and has worked as a Developer Advocate at W3C. She has a long-standing passion for open web standards, and is one of the few Invited Experts in the CSS Working Group. Lea has also started several popular open source projects and web applications, such as MavoPrism, and -prefix-free and maintains a technical blog at She holds a MSc in Computer Science from MIT. Despite her academic pursuits in Computer Science, Lea is one of the few misfits who love code and design equally.

Opening Keynote Talk: CSS (Variable) Secrets


You may have heard about CSS Variables (aka CSS Custom Properties), but think it’s not something you can use yet. Plus, you already have your preprocessor pipeline in place, why should you care? This talk will show how CSS Variables are much more powerful than static preprocessor variables and can be used today without compromising progressive enhancement. You will also learn several creative tips and tricks to take full advantage of them. As is customary with Lea’s CSS talks, expect a swath of live demos to demonstrate the material.



Louay Alakkad

Software Architect at McKinsey

Louay Alakkad

Louay is an architect who works for Digital McKinsey in the UK. He has been a consultant and a full-stack software engineer for over 6 years working with clients and teams from more than 10 countries in Europe and the Middle East.

Talk Title: How I met your coverage threshold: The path to more valuable & enjoyable front-end testing


We’ve all been there. Front-end testing is a difficult challenge everyone faces, and lots of people tend to run away from. More often than not it’s fragile, brittle, and even useless.

In this presentation, Louay will talk about his experience in creating a team culture and a toolset that facilitates writing front-end tests for developers which are valuable and less fragile & flakey.

He’ll also discuss some tools and best practices that help with tracking and increasing tests and test coverage and he’ll demonstrate some examples of tests using react with redux and redux-saga.

Ignacio Anaya

Full-Stack Developer

Ignacio Anaya

Ignacio is Full Stack Developer and Programming mentor mostly working with JavaScript techs as Node.js and Vue.js. With more than 8 years of experience, not just coding but also teaching, 

He is an enthusiastic OSS contributor who has cooperated with several JS (and Vue.js) libraries.

He also likes to participate in dev communities and conferences performing workshops, tech talks or just helping organising.

Talk Title: Breaking the Binary World with Vue.js


Vue.js is more consolidated than ever. It is the future of the MV* client side world and is one of the most promising alternatives, fighting with industry giants like React and Angular 2. I will show you the simplicity and power of this framework which combines the best parts of front end world.

Nick Balestra

Software Engineer at OpenTable

Nick Balestra

Nick is a Software Engineer. He currently works at OpenTable, writing Node and JavaScript applications at scale. Co-author of create-cycle-app and redux-cycles. Life is like an npm install.

Talk Title: Breaking the frontend monolith.
While breaking the monolith into micro-services is a common approach for the backend, most frontends are still running as a monolithic application. Therefore building, deploying and consuming frontend components across a diversity of teams and web applications can be a daunting task, especially at scale. To address this issue, at OpenTable we enable fast-moving teams to easily build and deploy front-end components using OpenComponents, an open-source, battle tested, front-end microservice architecture for painless component delivery.

Usually, micro-service architectures are unopinionated by nature, leaving tech-stack decisions to service onwers. During this session I’ll explain how OpenComponents works, how do we use it at OpenTable and how we allows teams to build frontend components with different client-side technologies that seamless work together.

Stefan Baumgartner

Internet Batman at Dynatrace

Stefan Baumgartner

Stefan runs Technologieplauscherl, Stahlstadt.js and ScriptConf in Linz and hosts ScriptCast – A podcast about JavaScript. He writes for Manning, Smashing Magazine and others and rarely shuts up. Claims to know the Secret of Monkey Island and totally digs Pierogi.

Talk Title: Get a grid for flex’ sake


With Flexbox and CSS grid layout your layout possibilities on the web change fundamentally. Finally you are able to write semantic HTML, keep a good structure and let the magic of layout algorithms do the rest. In this live coding session, Stefan will show you core concepts beneath both layout technologies, how they work together and where limitations are. We also look at some fallbacks in case the browser base you have to support isn’t ready.

Henri Bergius

Author of Create.js and NoFlo, working on Flowhub and GuvScale.

Henri Bergius

Henri is an open source content management pioneer and a well-known technology conference speaker. He is the creator of the Create.js web editing interface and the NoFlo flow-based programming environment that powers The Grid and Flowhub.

Talk Title: Flow-Based Programming for JavaScript


NoFlo is a flow-based programming environment for JavaScript. Originally built for Node.js systems automation, the same visual development tools can also be used for developing full-stack applications from the browser to microcontrollers like Arduino. With NoFlo developers build their applications by wiring data streams together between different pre-built or custom components. The NoFlo environment is fully browser-based and can connect to NoFlo instances running on remote servers and other browser windows, allowing inspection and rewiring of running software.

Vitalii Bobrov

FrontEnd Engineer

Vitalii Bobrov

I’m Vitaliy, a 27-year-old front-end engineer from Mykolaiv, Ukraine. But currently, I live and work in Wroclaw, Poland. As a developer, I’m really excited about all new technologies and fall in love with open source community.

Talk title: Keep calm and use Angular CLI


Modern JavaScript bundling tools are very complicated. It might take a lot of time to create and maintain building process, configure effective code splitting, etc. This talk will help you to stop caring about building tools on Angular projects using Angular CLI. This is official command line tool created by the Angular team which will cover all your project needs.

Jorge Cano

Google Developer Expert

Jorge Cano

After more than 9 years developing, Jorge is a full stack developer in javascript technologies. Today Jorge is a fulll stack developer in ByteDefault using Angular / RxJS / Firebase / Nativescript and other technologies … Professor of several courses related to javascript , international speaker, and writer of technical articles, Google Developer Expert in web technologies & Angular, Nativescript Developer Expert.

Talk Title: AngularFire Full Stack Developer


Nowadays it is normal to hear of “full stack developers” and thanks to firebase and Angular library, you can do a lot of things “without the need for a backend and a database” besides Angular can be developed For the web, Desktop and mobiles … then we could do many things are angular and a library nothing more … in the talk we will see its advantages and the functionalities that we can create in all the platforms.

Simona Cotin

Cloud Developer Advocate at Microsoft

Simona Cotin

Simona is Cloud Developer Advocate for Microsoft. Communities power Simona up and that’s why she is co-organising the Javascript London meetup. Thrives on knowledge sharing, she has mentored in workshops for Women Who Code and NgGirls encouraging women to learn more about programming.

Talk Title: There and Back again – Angular and React


This is not a talk about my KungFu is better than your KungFu but rather a talk about people trying to make sense of the concepts when moving from Angular to React and vice-versa. It’s also a talk about how the community of the Javascript ecosystem works in terms of collaborating and learning from one another.

Artur Daschevici

Full stack developer @ Kamet Ventures

Artur Daschevici

Artur is a fullstack engineer who is passionate about all gadgets and smart devices, he loves customizing his dev environment and trying out new technologies, his favorite software is ‘Hello World’. He’s an early adopter of ReactJS.

Talk Title: There and Back again – Angular and React


This is not a talk about my KungFu is better than your KungFu but rather a talk about people trying to make sense of the concepts when moving from Angular to React and vice-versa. It’s also a talk about how the community of the Javascript ecosystem works in terms of collaborating and learning from one another.

Martin Hochel

Senior Software Engineer

Martin Hochel

Martin is a software engineer with strong passion for JavaScript and clean code with more than 5 years experience building mid-size to huge enterprise systems.

He loves open source and contributes regulary to many projects (ngMetadata, SkateJS, Angular, React, Preact) and also runs biggest js meetup group in Prague – ngParty( He is well known as community leader among Angular/JS communities mainly in Europe.

Martin loves to travel the world and meeting new people at conferences. When he’s not busy preparing the next meetup, workshop, talk or writting new OSS library, you might find him outside on his skate/snow/wake boards (depends on weather conditions yo!)

Talk Title: Reactive Type-safe WebComponents


You know the drill right? new cool framework/library appears… boom! new Datepicker in that framework follows and soon enough whole UI libraries, again and again….

It’s 2017 and it’s time to stop this madness once and for all! How you ask?

In this talk I will do an overview of component creation in terms of re-usability followed up with real life examples how to create performant, reactive, small and type-safe web components with tiny superpowered library called SkateJS.

Write once, use everywhere by using the platform.

Fredrik Holm

Web Technology Strategist

Fredrik Holm

Full-stack web developer, solution architect and technology strategist that loves excellent user experiences and clean, well-tested code. He wrote his first website in 1996, and loves all things web ever since.

Fredrik is the organizer of ngStockholm and co-organizer of ngVikings; and shares his time between consulting and working on his startup project Lancelog, a business dashboard and invoice generator for freelancers.

Currently, he consults as a tech lead for the Swedish energy company Vattenfall, paving way for project success by improving code- and process quality and team collaboration.

Talk Title: The perfect stack is merely a door opener


Give us web developers a greenfield project, and we immediately start to discuss what technology stack and architecture is best suited for this particular problem space.

But how important are those decisions for the long-term success of the project? Not nearly as important as you might think. But then – what is?
In this talk, I’ll share my view on some of the (often overlooked) factors that can make or break a web project.

Thomas Horvath

Lead Front End Engineer

Thomas Horvath

Thomas is a Lead Front End Engineer from Dublin, Ireland. When AngularJS came out, he fell in love with Javascript again and never looked back since. Today, Thomas focuses on getting developers comfortable and familiar with Angular. Whenever he is not ‘wired in’, you can catch him wandering around the place taking about Javascript & Beer 🙂

Talk Title: It’s alive! – Tips and Tricks for using Angular in Production


Over the last two years, you probably tinkered with Angular a little bit. You probably made a few simple apps while running AngularJS in production. Now, Angular is better than ever. Stronger, faster… you get it. It’s about time to take your Angular app live! Lean about a few tips and tricks for taking your Angular app live in a live demonstration.

Asim Hussain

Cloud Developer Advocate at Microsoft

Asim Hussain

I’m a developer, trainer and speaker with over 16 years experience working for organisations such as the European Space Agency, Google and now Microsoft, where I am a Senior Cloud Developer Advocate.

I’m also Author of the book “Angular: From Theory to Practice” and I’ve taught over 50,000 students Angular, JavaScript and Ionic through my site

Talk Title: It can happen to anyone


Thought hacking was hard? It’s not, it’s easy and I’m going to show you how! Most sites are far more vulnerable to attack than they think. In this talk we’ll go through a series of hacking stories and breakdown the hack together to see exactly how they did it. By the end you’ll walk away perhaps a little bit more scared, but definitely armed with some great practices you can apply immediately to your own applications.

Shmuela Jacobs

Front-end Developer & Consultant

Shmuela Jacobs

Shmuela Jacobs is a front-end developer, consultant, speaker, and community activist. She is the founder of ngGirls organization and Angular Nights meetup group.

During her academic studies (M.Sc. in Information Management Engineering and B.Sc. in Physics) Shmuela had combined her passions of coding and teaching as a software developer, teaching assistant, science museum guide, and researcher. Today she continues to enjoy these activities developing with Angular and sharing her knowledge and experience in meetups and conferences. Shmuela lives in Tel Aviv with her husband Haggai, their deaf dog Ziggi, and one-eyed cat Franco.

Talk Title: PWA Made Simple with Angular


With Progressive Web Applications we enjoy both Web and Mobile-originated features for increasing user engagement and experience. Angular and its ecosystem recognize this need and help us “progressify” our apps. Let’s see how!

Ruth John

Google Developer Expert

Ruth John

Ruth is a web technologist and Google Developer Expert. She likes to educate people about new web technologies and inspire them to try them, coming up with exciting and engaging ways to use them. She’s a founding member of { Live: JS }, a collective of audio and visual artists that solely rely on JavaScript to create their performances. Her favourite things include hacking with hardware, evangelising about Web Audio and MIDI and taking her award nominated, hand coded, audio/visual software to the streets.

Talk Title: How To Be a Web AV Artist


Come and be fascinated by the world of audio visualisation in a browser. This isn’t just about creating stunning data vis to music! We see how we can pipe data realtime into custom properties to enhance our visuals. The speaker re-addresses how we analyse sound via the Web Audio API and proposes a better way of processing the data to better suit music, and, to top it all off, we harness the Web MIDI API for full hardware control as well. You may not think it, but this really is a talk with a great deal of take-aways and new techniques for you to consider in your coding life.

Dominik Kundel

Developer Evangelist for Twilio

Dominik Kundel

Dominik is a Developer Evangelist for Twilio serving developer communities in Berlin and around the world. He has a passion for JavaScript, hackathons, teaching and good whiskey. You will usually find him speaking at meetups and conferences, mentoring at hackathons and CoderDojos or work on open source projects.

Talk Title: Get started writing TypeScript today!


There are two big discussions in the world of programming. Tabs vs. Spaces and statically-typed languages vs dynamically-typed. TypeScript is Microsoft’s approach to add a stronger type system to JavaScript while making both camps happy. Let’s not jump into the never-ending debate to what the better approach is, but instead focus on when you should use TypeScript and how you can start using TypeScript in your projects today.

Alessandro Nadalin

CTO at

Alessandro Nadalin

Alessandro Nadalin is a seasoned technical leader, currently in Dubai as CTO of Namshi, who pays a lot of attention to scalability, robust and reliable software architectures and microservices.

He has been involved in projects for the italian government, Samsung, Nissan, ENI and in the e-commerce scene in the Middle East.

When he’s not working, you can find him speaking at some conference, riding his motorcycle, blogging or eating some indonesian food in the old side of Dubai.

Talk Title: SPA, Isomorphic and Back to the Server: Our Journey With JS


We’ve been toying around with JS since 4 years, trying to figure out what’s the best approach to build mobile-friendly apps that would offer the best performances on mobile devices.
We first went SPA and then decided to take a different approach, as 3 years ago we decided to tackle our problems on mobile with an isomorphic application.
Today, we would like to guide you through years of that choice and why we decided to take a step back and go revamp our mobile website again, with server-side rendering and a pinch of React.

Spoiler alert: 30ms is considered slow.

Srushtika Neelakantam

Developer Evangelist for deepstreamHub

Srushtika Neelakantam

Srushtika Neelakantam is a Developer Evangelist for deepstreamHub. She is a passionate tech advocate and loves all things web ! She is also a regular speaker at tech conferences worldwide and a co-author of “Learning Web-Based Virtual Reality” published by Apress. A longtime contributor and techspeaker at Mozilla, she loves to discuss the open web and its enormous opportunities.

Talk Title: Building realtime VR on the web

VR technology is going places ! But learning the tech stack for its implementation is still a challenge for many web developers. What if we could do some reverse engineering and build VR using just HTML with a chunk of JS !? Of course adding a realtime functionality with multi user capability to this recipe would only make it more delectable !

This talk will walk the audience through WebVR and what makes it different from regular VR. Further, it will introduce the A-Frame web framework that makes building VR apps terribly easy. All this along with the realtime backend provided by deepstream is more than enough to be able to easily build multi-user VR in just a few minutes.

Ferran Negre

FrontEnd Engineer

Ferran Negre

I am a Spanish-born front end engineer and mobile engineer living in Wrocław, Poland for the last 4 years. I used to work as front end engineer at IBM till I joined Callstack, a growing startup where we specialize in building React Native applications.

I am a Software Engineer specialized in building applications using React and React Native. I also have a broad experience building native Android applications. As a personal experience, I built Audio Profiles which has reached 100k downloads in the Google Play Store ( and it is still growing. I am currently merging both experiences (web and mobile) to try to bring the best of both worlds to the users.

In my free time I basically love building apps, contribute to the open source (, write on Medium ( and I also make sure that developers tests their code (preferably with Jest!).

Talk Title: Testing React & Redux applications with the *new* Jest: Snapshots come into play!


Testing should be easy and painless, otherwise we would not test our apps. That is what Jest has been trying to achieve all this time. But let’s get a bit practical in this talk and show how we can fully test a React + Redux application using Jest. 

Moreover, I would like to focus in the new Snapshot system that Jest provides and explore all its power and real use cases. With Snapshots you can easily test pieces of UI code (in this case React components) but I will also talk about other uses for them. 

You can also expect a lot of real testing examples on this talk that I’ve seeing from different clients I worked with.

Christoffer Noring

Google Developer Expert

Christoffer Noring

Christoffer is a Google Developer Expert in Web Technologies and Angular and a Telerik Developer Expert. He has been a fullstack developer for 10 years. He is one of the organisers of ngVikings conference as well as meeetup organiser for more than 3000+ members. He is really passionate about javascript and is currently writing a free book on Rxjs found under and Rxjs ultimate

Talk Title: Graphql vs REST


Graphql is a data query language developed by Facebook in 2012. Graphql is sometimes named as REST 2.0, its successor. But is that really true? What is Graphql, how does it work, what problems does it solve and can it co exist with REST. This talk aims to give you a good foundation in Graphql as well as an understanding on when to use Graphql or REST for your services, or indeed both

Andrey Okonetchnikov

Front-End Engineer and UI-Designer

Andrey Okonetchnikov

Andrey is a Russian-born front-end engineer and UI-designer living in Vienna, Austria for last 8 years. He has been working on modern user interfaces using web technologies for more than 10 years. Before that, he worked as UI-designer and usability expert for companies like JetBrains, Yandex, Wildbit and many others. He is also a designer and co-creator of [ColorSnapper]( — a macOS color picker for developers and designers.

Being an active Open Source contributor he has been working on his own OSS projects like [react-dropzone](, [lint-staged]( but also made contributions to the React.js core, Jest testing framework, designed [PostCSS official website]( and wrote documentation for  [Webpack](

Along with Nick Graf, Max Stoiber and others, Andrey is a co-organizer of [ReactVienna community]( in Vienna.

Andrey loves mountain biking, snowboarding, and coffee. He’s a co-owner of [“Kaffemik”]( — a specialty coffee shop in the center of Vienna.

Talk title: Modular CSS


“Nowadays, lots of JavaScript frameworks and UI libraries are focusing on building UI components. With the rise of ES2015 modules and modern build tools, we are now able to split our JavaScript codebase into smaller pieces that encapsulate their behavior and logic. And yet many projects are still putting generic class names and selectors into a huge CSS file. The fact is, styles are a part of components and deserve to be treated same way we treat JS. CSS deserves to be scoped and modular and have better tools that improve the developer experience.

This talk does a short retrospective of the problems we have with how we write, organize and bundle CSS and how we can improve it by using a better folder structure, naming conventions and local scope, post-processors like PostCSS and bundlers like webpack.

We’ll see how, by combining the power of JavaScript and AST, we can avoid CSS’s bad parts, embrace good ones and even use it to create a better tooling for CSS.”

Bartosz Pietrucha

Founder at

Bartosz Pietrucha

Bartosz is a full-stack software engineer, software consultant and founder of For the last couple of years he has been working with clients from Great Britain, Switzerland, Poland and Finland. Having started his professional career with Java, he delved into JavaScript programming and found front-end world extremely fascinating.

Talk title: Angular Router – let’s get lazy!


Routing in web applications is an essential concept that enables users to navigate throughout them. Angular Router is simple yet powerful for developers to use in their applications.

In this talk we will learn mechanics of Angular Router with lazy loading and pre-loading features.

Glenn Reyes

Front-End Engineer

Glenn Reyes

Glenn Reyes is a Filipino Freelance Front-End Engineer from Vienna, Austria. He is passionate about writing code in JavaScript with React, GraphQL and sharing his experiences to the community. He loves to speak and meet awesome developers at conferences and local meetups. Besides that, Glenn is part of the React Vienna community and helps them to organize the monthly developer meetups.

When he’s not coding, he spends his time with his lovely wife. He also enjoys playing the guitar and love to travel around the world and discover cities and cultures.

Talk Title: Leveraging code-splitting in React apps


Dynamic imports have arrived! With the new import() proposal we have got a convenient capability to load React components whenever rendered. Our mission now is to build faster web apps and deliver as less code as needed. But how? In this lightning talk we will leverage code-splitting with minimal effort and discuss the page speed impact.


Maxim Salnikov

Google Developer Expert

Maxim Salnikov

Maxim Salnikov is Oslo-based Web UI Engineer, a Google Developer Expert in Web Technologies and Angular. He develops complex web applications since the end of the last century and has extensive experience with all aspects of web front-end: UX/UI prototyping, HTML/CSS/JS, main frameworks, progressive web apps.

Maxim is a founder and active contributor to two conferences: Mobile Era and ngVikings – Nordics’ main conferences for mobile and Angular developers respectively. Also, he leads Norway’s largest meetups dedicated to web front-end and mobile: Framsia, Angular Oslo, Mobile Meetup Oslo.

Maxim is passionate about sharing his web front-end experience and knowledge with the community. He travels extensively for visiting developers events and speaking/training at conferences and meetups around the world.

Talk Title: The Mobile Web Second Edition: First-Class Citizen on Your Device Now


They are so similar: Web and Mobile apps. What a nice option to use our web development experience (JavaScript, to be specific) to create cross-platform native-like applications. Is it that simple? What are the pros and cons of mobile web VS native? What is the difference between hybrid mobile apps, progressive web apps and JavaScript-compiled-to-native ones? Let’s find the answers together!


Alicia Sedlock

Front-End Web Developer

Alicia Sedlock

Alicia Sedlock is a front-end developer and spends most of her day thinking about front-end design systems. By day she focuses on things like web standards, front-end systems, and accessibility, while by night she thinks about making games for the web. She’s written articles for places like net magazine, CSS-Tricks, and 24 Ways.

Talk Title: How To Fight and Prevent Burnout


The tech community puts a warped badge of honor around burnout. It’s often seen as an indicator of success and working hard, when it’s actually harming the growth of our developer communities and teams.

This talk will cover:

• Why burnout culture takes away from inclusion

• Identifying burnout within yourself and your teams

• How to grow your technical skills without compromising your personal life

• How to bring a healthy work and growth ethic to your team, regardless if you’re the newcomer or the tech lead

Martin Sonnenholzer

Full-Stack Developer

Martin Sonnenholzer

Martin is a full stack developer with a tendency to the frontend, mostly angularjs and angular. While he studied math and computer science he had the opportunity to get in contact with machine learning, where his need to make the world easier for users originated. At idealo Martin works on that topic by developing internal tools. In his spare time he is organizing the Angular meetup in Berlin. 

Talk Title: Train your browser to decide what’s next


Machine Learning is not only about neural networks. You can also use decision trees to find out what to do next. This talk is about how I implemented a classification algorithm in javascript, that can be trained to produce decision trees and how you can use those for your advantage to make your browser smarter.

This talk is based on my experience of implementing and and ideas how to use it for your advantage.

Kacper Sokołowski

Senior front-end developer

Kacper Sokołowski

My name is Kacper Sokołowski. I live in Kraków, Poland. For the last four years, I have been working for Codewise as a JavaScript developer. My job has mostly been building Single Page Applications. Through all this time I was given the possibility to use many different technologies (YUI, Angular, Typescript and Polymer just to name a few). 

A couple of years ago I realised that my knowledge could be valuable for other people. That’s when I have decided to become a speaker at local community meetups (called meet.js). I have prepared a couple of presentations (covering different topics like Shadow Dom and Web Components) for meet.js. I was eventually asked to become one of the organisers of the meetup itself. Meet.js is a monthly meetup during which we discuss front-end related topics. We usually have 3 to 4 speakers and at least 100 hundred attendees! I believe strongly in serving the community and attending conferences as the best way of sharing knowledge and becoming better programmers eventually.

Talk title: You use Content Security Policy, don’t you?


The point of my talk is to explain what the importance of Content Security Policy is. What it is, why do we need it and how we can use it. Plus I’ll do some live coding during the talk.

The talk will begin with stories of the most notorious and infamous attacks conducted by exploiting front-end based security holes.  Right after that, I’ll move into an explanation of XSS attacks (one of the most dangerous front-end issues). I’ll explain what an XSS attack is, how hackers usually perform it, and what makes websites XSS vulnerable. Then, I’ll move to the live coding part. I’ve prepared a website (blog) which I’ll hack by stealing session cookie by using XSS. After a successful attack, I’ll explain what Content Security Policy is and how this mechanism can help in making websites XSS resistant. I’ll present different CSP directives and explain what they do. I’ll configure my local server to use CSP, and try to perform the same attack as before to prove that after the patch it’s unsuccessful. Then I’ll move to CSP cons. I’ll cover the hard maintainability and problems with third party libs and frameworks.

Patrick Stapfer

JavaScript Software Engineer

Patrick Stapfer

Patrick Stapfer is a JavaScript Software Engineer and freelancer from Vienna, who is mostly known for his contributions to the Flow ecosystem and his past work at Runtastic, where he spent most of his time working on the Mobile News Feed feature which was built in React-Native. Most of his Open Source time is dedicated to Facebook’s Flow and ReasonML platform to improve JavaScript code quality and to talk about related technologies.

Talk Title: The Road to a Statically Typed JavaScript Future


“JavaScript’s dynamic nature and rich and expressive syntax are strengths of the language, making it an approachable and beginner-friendly language to get started with. However, this same flexibility through dynamic typing and runtime evaluation increases the difficulty of debugging and makes it tough to confidently change existing code.
In this talk I will discuss my personal journey and experience on using existing type systems within and outside of the JavaScript ecosystem, specifically Flow and ReasonML, and demonstrate how they can improve your workflow.
I will talk about general concepts of why we need type definitions, how types will influence API designs, the differences between static and runtime types and how we can bridge the gap between a statically compiled, type-safe language and the JavaScript ecosystem.”




Michał Szczepaniak

Senior Front-End Developer

Michał Szczepaniak

Michal is Senior Front End Developer and Consultant with over 5 years of experience, mostly working with Typescript / ES6, Angular and Electron. Currently living in Berlin. He likes to participate in the developers meetups and conferences. In his free time he loves playing tennis, visiting various European cities and getting involved in Berlin start-up scene.

Talk Title: Redux pattern for state management – ngrx edition


After the presentation You will be familiar with the Redux and single store architectures. You will know when to use a store solution and why, what are the reasons and most common use cases for doing so.

In this presentation you are going to learn the Angular Ngrx library ecosystem, namely everything that revolves around the Ngrx Store and Ngrx Effects library, and store architectures in general.


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[ Special offer ]

Discounted travel with Lufthansa Group Partner Airlines

Lufthansa Group Partner Airlines offer a comprehensive global route network linking major cities around the world. We offer special prices and conditions to participants, visitors, exhibitors, invited guests as well as employees of the Contracting partner and their travel companions.

To make a reservation, please click on and enter the access code PLZJWPD in the “Access to Your Special Lufthansa Offer” area. This will open an online booking platform that will automatically calculate the discount offered or provide you with an even better offer if another promotional fare is available.

NOTE: Pop-ups must be enabled otherwise the booking platform window will not open.



EXPO XXI Warsaw is a state-of-the-art exhibition and conference venue located in the heart of Poland's capital. It is a popular location for trade fairs, exhibitions, conferences, conventions, seminars, large-scale receptions, fashion shows and concerts. The venue is 10 minutes away from the very city centre and can be easily reached by car (parking space is available for 1,500 vehicles), local public transport andrail


Pradzynskiego 12-14 Str. Warsaw

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 Call us:

 +(48) 608 348 444

Write to us: 



Waliców 13 Str. 00-865 Warsaw, POLAND

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Conference Code of Conduct

All attendees, speakers, sponsors and volunteers at our conference are required to agree with the following code of conduct. Organisers will enforce this code throughout the event. We expect cooperation from all participants to help ensure a safe environment for everybody

Harassment includes offensive verbal comments related to gender, gender identity and expression, age, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, body size, race, ethnicity, religion, technology choices, sexual images in public spaces, deliberate intimidation, stalking, following, harassing photography or recording, sustained disruption of talks or other events, inappropriate physical contact, and unwelcome sexual attention.

Participants asked to stop any harassing behavior are expected to comply immediately.

Sponsors are also subject to the anti-harassment policy. In particular, sponsors should not use sexualised images, activities, or other material. Booth staff (including volunteers) should not use sexualised clothing/uniforms/costumes, or otherwise create a sexualised environment.

If a participant engages in harassing behavior, the conference organisers may take any action they deem appropriate, including warning the offender or expulsion from the conference with no refund.

If you are being harassed, notice that someone else is being harassed, or have any other concerns, please contact a member of conference staff immediately. Conference staff can be identified as they’ll be wearing branded clothing and/or badges.

Conference staff will be happy to help participants contact hotel/venue security or local law enforcement, provide escorts, or otherwise assist those experiencing harassment to feel safe for the duration of the conference. We value your attendance.

We expect participants to follow these rules at conference and workshop venues and conference-related social events.


Adopted from The Conference Code of Conduct.