Advanced JavaScript Foundations (895 PLN net)

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07.12.2020 | Online (time zone CET/UTC+1/GMT+1)

Workshop ticket includes:

  • 1 full-day (8h) of engaging tech workshop
  • Access to a ton of useful information & real-world examples presented by knowledgeable instructors

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Start: December 7, 2020 Finish: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Advanced JavaScript Foundations (895 PLN net) #1



🏰 Advanced JavaScript Foundations

Take Your JavaScript Fundamentals to the Next Level 🚀So you’ve got a good understanding of JavaScript syntax. You probably have a high-level picture of standard JavaScript concepts. Maybe you’re using a framework like React, Vue, or Angular and you know how to make things that “just work”.

Everything is great until some non-happy path implementation arises and if someone put you on the spot, how well could you explain `this`?

Now you’re thinking, “Oh Crap…”

But don’t fret! Tyler Clark has put together a new workshop that’s not your average “Intro to JavaScript”.

In this workshop, you’ll be taking things to the next level, shining a light into “black-box” concepts like prototypes, the `this` keyword, and what primitive types are.

Tyler wthrough each concept, and build your understanding through examples and hands-on exercises in the areas you need to know.

Topics Include:

– Primitive Types: the What, How, and Why
– Reference Execution with the this Keyword
– Understanding Implicit vs Explicit Coercion
– How Prototypal Inheritance Works in JS
– Use the ES6 Class Keyword
– Understand Lexical vs. Dynamic Scope
– Create New Objects with the New Keyword
And much more!

Audience & Requirements:

Audience: intermediate to advanced
Requirements: Git, code editor


Tyler Clark
Developer Advocate Engineer @ Auth0

I am a developer advocate engineer at Auth0, an instructor, and a conference speaker.