Building Serverless React Applications with AWS Amplify

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PLN 900 + VAT  | 3.12.2018, Warsaw, Poland

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Building Serverless React Applications with AWS Amplify

Using AWS Amplify you have the opportunity to build extraordinary & feature-rich web & mobile apps without having to spend time on maintaining servers & infrastructure. In this session Nader Dabit introduces the AWS Amplify CLI & client library & together we’ll code a multi-user React web application from scratch to release. We’ll see how to handle data synchronization, user authentication, handling cases where the user has no network connectivity, storage, & we’ll even learn how to add a serverless GraphQL API using AWS AppSync.

Your Trainer: Nader Dabit, Developer Advocate @ Amazon Web Services

Nader Dabit is a Developer Advocate at Amazon Web Services, the founder of React Native Training, & a regular panelist on the React Roundup Podcast


Part 1 – Getting Started
Part 2 – Creating your first service
Part 3 – Adding Authentication to your web application
Part 4 – Adding & interacting with a serverless Lambda function
Part 5 – Creating & connecting to an AWS AppSync GraphQL API
Part 6 – Deploying your app to AWS

Target audience:

Front-end developers looking to learn how to build full-stack cloud-powered web & mobile applications


Nodejs version 8 or higher. An AWS account is required, but all attendees will be given $20 in credits to use during the workshop

LEVEL: intermediate

Bring your own device.