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25.11.2019 Warsaw, Poland

Workshop ticket includes:

  • 1 full-day (8h) of engaging tech workshop
  • Access to a ton of useful information & real-world examples presented by knowledgeable instructors
  • All-inclusive catering – lunch & coffee breaks

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Getting advanced with hooks

This workshop will take you through some of the more difficult scenarios with React Hooks, and teach you how to get accustomed to the way of doing things with Hooks. We will also learn how to test hooks, and understand a bit more about how hooks work under the hood. The examples and exercises will use ES6+

Table of contents 
  • Hooks source code and under the hood

  • Avoiding stale state

  • Managing complex state

  • Component controllers, encapsulation and custom hooks

  • Getting better with the ESLint rules

  • How to test hooks

React developers with little or medium experience with React Hooks.

Laptop with WiFi (we’ll be using CodeSandbox)


Adam Klein

Co-Founder @ 500Tech

Adam is a web developer and consultant, web GDE, and author of open source libraries. He is a co-founder of 500Tech, a company that specializes in frontend technologies. He loves coding, and he loves speaking about code. Adam is very involved in the community, and is part of the organizers of the Angular & React meetups and conferences in Israel.