My first Nuxt.js application (995 PLN net)

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Perfect your technical skills. Enroll to the Tech Master Class @ FRONTEND CON 2019. Choose your favorite trainer & subject.

25.11.2019 Warsaw, Poland

Workshop ticket includes:

  • 1 full-day (8h) of engaging tech workshop
  • Access to a ton of useful information & real-world examples presented by knowledgeable instructors
  • All-inclusive catering – lunch & coffee breaks

* ticket doesn’t include conference pass!


Out of stock



My first Nuxt.js application

Vue.js is all the rage nowadays, but with Nuxt we can take it to next level, thanks to its convention over configuration approach. The workshop goes through using both basic and advanced Nuxt features to simplify and speed up our development process.

We’ll learn:
  • How to create a universal Vue.js application with Nuxt’s SSR layer
  • How to create a static website with Nuxt using nuxt generate command
  • How to automatically generate even a complex routing with Nuxt pages system
  • How to use out of the box features of Nuxt to handle metadata, layouts, plugins, transitions and more
  • How to use common Nuxt modules for authentication, client-server communication, PWA and others
  • How to write a Nuxt module by ourselves using low level Nuxt API

A laptop with Node.js and npm/yarn installed, also your code editor of choice. In case of any issue, it’s fine for you to write all the project in CodeSandbox instead.

Target Audience:
The workshop is meant for developers who already know the basics of Vue, Vue-Router and Vuex.
We’ll explain all the differences with the standard Vue solutions, but I’ll be assuming you more or less know the basics of how they work.


Darek ‘Gusto’ Wędrychowski
Vue.js Core Team Member

Known better as Gusto due to a troublesome surname, Darek Wędrychowski is a Vue.js Core Team member, taking care of the community and wider ecosystem. He’s coming to Warsaw as one of the steps on his travels around the world to meet with local developers and learn their perspective on coding and life. Recently he started a series of Vue and Me workshop events, taking esteemed authorities like Natalia Tepluhina to teach Vue around Europe.